Who would win in a fight between a Titan and Ultraman? How were the Walls built? Seeing as Titans never eat or drink, are they surviving through photosynthesis? If these are the questions that keep you awake at night, then we’ve got some bedtime reading for you.

Kūsō Kagaku Dokuhon (空想科学読本, literally “fantasy science reader”) is a series that addresses, queries and explains the science behind popular Japanese anime and manga. This time around, writer Rikao Yanagita has turned his hand to the inescapable Attack on Titan series, in this 208-page illustrated work that promises to answer all your titanic scientific ponderings.

Yours for a mere 864 yen (around US$8), Shingeki no Kyojin Kūsō Kagaku Dokuhon will be released on August 8, and the contents look pretty impressive to us! Did you know for example:

  • An amateur who tried to ride the 3-D manoeuvre gear would crash into the ground at 78 kilometres an hour.
  • A 60 metre high Titan would have a body temperature of 602 degrees.
  • Usain Bolt is the only human on earth who could outrun a 4 metre Titan.
  • The people who built the Walls must have carried 60,000 tons of stone every day in order to complete them.
  • Eren’s punch is 6,561 times as powerful as a regular human’s.
  •  A 15 metre Titan’s sweat alone would weigh 23 tons.

Plus “how to escape from an approaching Titan”; ” why do Titans come from the South?”; and “what the flip is the secret behind Levi’s super strength anyway?”

The Kūsō Kagaku Dokuhon series are available in Japanese only, but if you read it, or are studying the language and looking for something fun and motivating to learn with, we reckon this could be just the ticket! Available for pre-order on Amazon now.

▼ Three cheers for a Titan tie-in that actually isn’t weirdly irrelevant for once!


Source and images: Comic Natarī