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They don’t call her the “Eternal Idol” for nothing.

Finding early success as an idol singer in Japan opens up the doors to a wealth of other options in the entertainment industry. If you’re a chart-topping vocalist, it’s only a matter of time until acting, modeling, and TV personality job offers start rolling in.

So it isn’t really all that unusual that the Japanese arm of lingerie maker Triumph International would ask Seiko Matsuda to star in its new ads. After all, she’s been one of Japan’s favorite idols since her debut…which was in 1980.

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While it’s true that many idol singers start their careers at a very young age, Matsuda didn’t lay down the vocals for her first song when she was in embryo. She released her first single at the age of 18, and is now 54 years old. Not that most people would guess that from looking at her in the promotional stills and video for Triumph’s new Florale sub-brand of intimate apparel.

But Triumph didn’t pick Matsuda just for her enduring popularity and respect from multiple generations of Japanese fans. The Florale line is specifically designed for mature wearers, with the company expressing its goal as complementing the unique beauty and confidence of women with an abundance of rich life experiences.

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After all, if Japan is open to the idea of bikini models in their 40s, lingerie models in their 50s isn’t such a stretch.

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