Ever dream of being kabe-doned by a horse? Neither did we, but now you can in the new Horse Prince game…and no, we’re not horsing around.

As if Hatoful Boyfriend wasn’t enough, we (incredibly) have another candidate in the running for the most bizarre inter-species dating sim ever concocted. If you didn’t know anything but the name, a game called The Horse Prince would evoke images of a dashing young prince with a stable of noble steeds, would it not? But no, dear readers–this is actually the touching tale of a revolutionary human-equine love, opening with the inexplicable appearance of a horse with a hot guy’s face (or a hot guy with a horse’s body?).

The game was released for both iOS and Android on October 7 by Usaya, a Japanese app developer. Just by taking a peek at their Facebook cover photo, you can already get the sense that they’re not trying to appeal to the mainstream gaming market by any means:

▼ What’s with the Fred Flintstone-faced Pokémon, and more importantly, why is Piccolo in a suit??


But before we get too distracted by such deep questions, let’s take a look at The Horse Prince‘s description, translated from its official press release below.

“A horse with a hot guy’s face appears in front of you. In a strange twist of fate you help out with his training. Is this a dream or a nightmare? Your bizarre farm life is about to begin.

Game Rules:

  • Items will appear after some time
  • Earn points by touching the items
  • The points will change depending on your eagerness
  • Recover your eagerness through talk
  • Clear stages by saving up your points


  • Reminisce about the storyline of cleared stages in your album
  • Clear all stages to complete the story

The gate of revolutionary love between a young maiden and a horse opens!”

Whoah there, hold yer horses–can “Weird Japan” get any weirder? See if the following pictures from the game make you feel starry-eyed or leave with an uncomfortable sensation in your stomach:

“I met a hot-faced guy…horse” Hot guy-horse: “Would you like to eat carrots together?”


▼ “I’m spending mysterious days with the hot guy-horse.”


▼ “Won’t you be my owner?”


▼ “Collect your memories in an album.”


As of this writing, The Google Play Store has 315 reviews of The Horse Prince with an average score of 4.7/5. Whether that’s just from the novelty of the idea or it’s actually a darn good game, we have yet to tell–after all, we shouldn’t look (even a strange) a gift horse in the mouth!

Source: Social Game Info
Top image: iTunes Store