Spend your next video meeting sitting in the midst of scenery from the internationally beloved crossover series.

We won’t fault you for feeling a bit of ennui after your 100th video call while telecommuting from home. To add a little excitement into the mix, many workers have found fun and creative ways to spice up their home working spaces through the use of physical decorations or digital backgrounds while on video conference calls. Even Japan’s legendary Studio Ghibli has offered some fun incentives in the form of three sets of free video conferencing backgrounds taken from the artwork in their expansive collection of animated films.

This time, the team behind hit video game franchise Kingdom Hearts is offering some free backgrounds through their official Twitter accounts. The series, which spans three main titles set in a fictional crossover world with Disney and Pixar characters, was developed by none other than Square Enix of Final Fantasy fame–and you know the visuals are going to pack a punch whenever they’re involved.

Download the gorgeous background offerings from the following two tweets:

▼ “We’ve prepared digital backgrounds that you can use as scenery! Use them during web meetings and video calls with family and friends.”

▼ Two additional bonus backgrounds from Kingdom Hearts Dark Road (an upcoming mobile game)

They’ll certainly add an air of mystery and adventure to your next video calls. Maybe you can also play music by Kingdom Hearts theme song artist Hikaru Utada to enhance the atmosphere.

If you’re looking for something a little more drab, however, perhaps the wearable cardboard video background would be a better fit for you.

Source: Twitter/@_KINGDOMHEARTS via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@_KINGDOMHEARTS
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