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“Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.” – Chili Davis

It’s hard to imagine what we’ll be doing in our sixties, but being awesome seems like a top priority.  We’ve been pretty awed by older cosplayers in the past, and are always excited when we get to introduce someone new.

This time, it’s Tomoaki Kohguchi, the 66-year-old cosplayer from Hiroshima. He exemplifies “older man” cosplay and really owns it from his bald head all the way to the toes of his self-made costumes. He has rocked a number of fan-favorite anime and manga characters including Master Roshi from Dragon Ball, Brook from One Piece, and Dot Pixis from Attack on Titan.

▼ Rocking the Brook

▼ His Master Roshi is very much on point.

▼ He was born to cosplay Dot Pixis

▼ Tanaka from Black Butler

▼ Hojo Ujimasa from Sengoku Basara

Not only is Kohguchi a participant in the cosplay world, he helps run Cosquerade, a cosplay event in Hiroshima, he is the president of a T-shirt printing store, a consultant at a bookstore and a printing store, and formally the head of a cram school.

▼ Way cool!

We have no idea where he finds time to make new costumes, but that’s why he’s the 66-year-old cosplayer in this profile and not us! Check out his Facebook pages for more of his work. We can only hope we are this cool when we get to our 60s.

Source: Facebook/亀仙人・Master Roshi ,Dot Pixis ピクシス司令官Facebook/Tomoaki Kohguchi
Top images: Facebook/Tomoaki Kohguchi (1, 2)