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With Japanese animation’s pantheon of teen protagonists, in physiques rending from slender to buff, your cosplaying options drop off considerably once you pass a certain age/body fat percentage. Many fans are just too old or out of shape to pull off wearing a school uniform or form-fitting martial artist’s outfit.

It can be a sad day when you look in the mirror and realize it’s time to retire your Son Goku costume. But as you’re dumping out the two-gallon bucket of hair gel you bought for this summer’s anime convention season, take heart, because even if you can’t dress up as the hero of Dragon Ball, with this shirt you can cosplay as his master.

Whether you call him Kame Sennin, Turtle Hermit, or Master Roshi, Dragon Ball’s geriatric martial arts master has a pretty good life, with loyal disciples, respect for his wisdom, and grudging acceptance of his boozing and lechery.

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Kame Sennin’s even got his own distinct sense of style, best characterized by his iconic Hawaiian shirt. Not only is it an eye-catching vivid orange, its design is retro enough that it doesn’t even need to resort to full-on crazy English sentences, instead making do with just a random jumble of letters.

Now, bald, bearded, or just plain retro anime fans can copy the look with replica made by cosplay outfitters Cospa.

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The all-rayon shirt is made in Japan, and cut for a fit as relaxed as Kame Sennin himself. To add even more tropical appeal, the surface of its wooden buttons are detailed to resemble coconut shell.

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Cospa cautions prospective buyers that the exact placement of the letters varies from shirt to shirt. Since they don’t actually spell anything, though, we can’t see this being a deal-breaker for anyone.

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Cospa is accepting preorders for the 10,260-yen (US$100!) shirt here. It’s only available in medium, large, and extra large though, so if you usually wear a small, you’ll have to make like the master himself and down a six-pack, take a nice long nap on the beach, and wait for the pounds to pack themselves on.

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