When you have enough of one interest to put it on display, it’s a sign you may need help…or more of that one thing.

Human beings love collecting things. Sometimes we set out to collect things because they happen to be something that we love. Other times, we start a collection almost completely at random and end up spending the majority of our vacation time scouring the souvenir stores for a wooden carving of a local animal!

When you finally amass a sizable collection, you feel like it is your duty to put it on display. Japanese Twitter users have been proudly sharing their hobby corners, and there are definitely a few that we wouldn’t mind having in our homes!

Sailor Moon corner! Everything from the first volume of the manga to an assortment of figurines.

▼ This one is a Sailor Chibi Moon exclusive zone.

▼ This looks more like a museum collection!


▼ We feel the force is strong in this corner.


▼ Feel, don’t think. Buy all the Tsum Tsums.

▼ These are the figures you’re looking for.

▼ Sanrio corner! This is a very nice collection of My Melody.

▼ Showing some love for Mr. Osomatsu.


▼ Of course, there has to be a Studio Ghibli corner or two to showcase!


▼ It doesn’t matter how difficult this would be to dust because it’s amazing.


▼ This would be lovely in any corner of a house.


▼ Long live childhood!

▼ Yoyo-ing is serious business that needs a serious corner.

▼ The deepest Johnny Depp corner we have ever seen.

▼ And finally, for the adult in all of us:

Since most of these collections are confined to a specific area, and don’t spread to an entire room, they sit just on the cusp of an “itaheya” or room that is painful to the eyes. However, you can see that some of them are a piece or two away from crossing over that line. Do you have a similar display up in your own home? Share with us your secret hoarded stash in the comments below, or just let us know which collection you wouldn’t mind owning yourself.

Source: Matome Naver
Featured image: Twitter/@ktm_rippei