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We and the rest of the Japanese internet were completely charmed by this tweet showing off the world’s cutest and youngest quality control manager in action!

Parents sharing a short video online of their young child doing something utterly adorable is a common enough occurrence in any part of the world. But in the case of a video tweeted by Shinichi, who goes by the user name @shin1p, showing his infant son at play has captured the hearts of netizens across Japan.

Here’s the actual tweet with the video, accompanied by the caption “My son busy at work on a mysterious product inspection project“:

We think you can see now why the Japanese internet has been oooing and awwwing over the video. According to information that has been going around online, the baby in the video is Shinichi’s 14 month-old son, Masamichi, and at that young age he already looks to be an expert at quality control as he efficiently goes through his pile of diapers while “scanning” them with what appears to be a toy barcode reader.

▼ Not only does he scan the diapers, he sets the ones that
apparently passed his inspection neatly into a separate basket!

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Well, he certainly seems to be approaching the diaper inspecting process with a sense of purpose and duty! As of the morning of June 15, the video has already been retweeted over 28,000 times, making baby Masamichi something of an internet celebrity in Japan. Well done, Masamichi, and we hope we can get treated to more adorable videos of him in the future!

Source and images: Twitter/ @shin1p
Reference: ITmedia