Otakuism is apparently hereditary, and especially strong in the bloodline of anime industry professionals.

No small number of otaku enjoy collecting sexy pillow cases and bedsheets featuring their favorite anime characters. However, it’s generally a single man’s hobby, as while understanding wives may be accepting of a guy’s continuing love of animation or video games, they probably aren’t too keen on the idea of him keeping, say, a pillow around the house that’s implicitly designed for humping.

So it might initially be a little surprising that Japanese Twitter user @t_santa, who’s married and has a child, owns a blanket emblazoned with anime and video game character Super Sonico, who’s best known for her oversized headphones and oversized breasts. Still, he’s got a pretty good excuse, since in the offline world @t_santa is Tsuji Santa, the artist for Japanese computer game developer Nitroplus and the man who created Super Sonico in the first place.

So in a manner o speaking, Super Sonico helps pay for Santa’s kid’s baby food and diapers. And now, she’s also helping the tyke keep warm and cozy as chilly weather sets in.


“My wife sent me a photo,” tweeted Santa, “saying ‘This is so nice and warm,’ but whoa, hold on a second there!”

Online reactions have included:

“Kid takes after his dad.”
“It’s in his blood.”
“Ahhh! He’s wrinkling her all up!”
“The anime otaku spirit starts at birth.”
“The future is yours. We entrust Japan’s moe culture to you.”

One commenter even shared a shot of his own child enjoying some cuddly time with Super Sonico.

Enjoy it while you can, kids. It won’t be long before your parents knowledge of your fondnoess for sexy anime sheets goes from being adorable to very, very awkward.

Source: Twitter/@t_santa