Where do you think this open-armed doge has gone to in his dreams?

Pets have the power to charm us in unexpected ways. We’ve seen dogs photographing their humans, pups poking their heads through holes, and now we have this: a dog splayed out on its stomach, fast asleep and off in a dream world, oblivious to everything around it.

However, the pup is only half the charm here. As soon as the pet’s bemused owner discovered his four-legged friend sleeping in this strange position, he snapped a photo, instantly turning the canine into a meme.

Imagining what the open-armed pup could be dreaming about, the pet’s owner, who goes by the handle on Twitter, posted these creative suggestions, asking fellow users which dream world they thought the puppy was in.

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▼ Could the furry canine be flying in the sky, performing
aerial dogfighting manoeuvres with a group of high-speed fighter jets?


▼ Or perhaps he’s travelled back to the time of Jesus and the crucifixion.


▼ Or is he below the ocean, bopping around with some new underwater friends?


The people of the internet responded with a wide range of different opinions and comments.

“My vote is for the sea angels!”
“More than a sea angel, he could be an actual angel”
“They’re all magnificent dreams. He might be in any one of them.”
“Is this a dog? It looks like a polar bear”
“I think those forelegs make him look like a roast chicken”
“Won’t he wake up with a sore neck after lying in that position?”

It turns out that the three-month-old golden retriever was actually cooling his belly on a hot night and wasn’t in that position for long. Thankfully, the puppy appeared totally fine after his nap, in spite of where he may have been in his dreams.

Which world do you think the sleepy pup went to? Cast your vote in the poll below!

Source: Hamusoku
Top Image: Twitter/@A10s_fan