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Will station staff let him give up his kaiju monster-fighting days and allow him to commute like an ordinary Japanese salaryman?

Commuters in Tokyo were excited to see one of the country’s most famous superheroes in their midst on Friday, as the bright-eyed star of the 1971 TV series The Return of Ultraman appeared at Meguro Station, ready to board the Yamanote line train to an unknown destination.

Before he could set foot on the train, however, several train station attendants came running from nowhere to surround the red-and-silver suited character and quiz him on his intentions.

▼ With his work bag slung over his shoulder, it appears that Ultraman Jack, the original superhero’s successor, has retired from fighting kaiju monsters, opting instead for a more sedate life as a Japanese salaryman.

After being spoken to by the station staff, who perhaps convinced him to give up office work and go back to defending the citizens of Japan from evil, Ultraman Jack walked quickly and swiftly out of the station.

▼ Showing his intense stoicism, the superhero didn’t even acknowledge Japanese gravure swimsuit model Akina Aoshima when she called out to him after seeing him by chance outside the station.

Following media enquiries, Meguro Station staff confirmed that a customer dressed as Ultraman did use the station on Friday 17 June. After removing his mask for station staff, he was allowed to return home. No responses, however, were given to Ultraman’s true identity.

Source: ITMedia
Top Image: Twitter/@kenbou_kenbou

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