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You may not believe your eyes, no matter how many of them you have!

Recently, there’s been a wonderful outbreak of artists who have switched from the traditional canvas to something much closer to themselves, their own body. Whether it’s combining inanimate objects into something more alive or transforming from one person into another, we’ve been completely awed by all the amazing art we’ve seen in recent years. And this might just be the best one yet!

Dain Yoon has found a powerful following of those who are fascinated with her work that fuses reality with the imagination. From recreating people’s faces onto their hands, to putting a figurative head in the clouds, there is definitely something that we find extremely appealing about her work.

▼ Brings new meaning to peeking out through your hands.

▼ A cloudy day equals a perfect day for art.

▼ You have to wonder if coffee is pouring down her back.

▼ Self-love has a new poster woman.

▼ Is there a person in this photo?

▼ No shame in this art — absolutely stunning!

▼ Check out this video of beautiful flowers!

▼ A regular chameleon act.

▼ Did we scroll down too fast?

We love the various colors and backgrounds Dain Yoon finds to blend into, whether they’re soft flowers or hard tiles from a bathroom. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook for her most recent work.

Source & images: Instagram/designdain
H/T: DesignTAXI