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Where does such a vivid artist go to find inspiration and relax? Check out this neat video!

At RocketNews24, we’ve been mesmerized by Hikaru Cho, an artist who uses the human body as a canvas for her daring and beautiful work.  From her humble beginnings, her art has expanded from her personal website to a number of professional contracts with companies like Samsung and groups such as Amnesty International. Cho has even come out with her own art book that is filled with creepier and even more hypnotic pieces.




She recently allowed a camera crew from TOCO TOCO TV, a YouTube channel that introduces creatuve artists to foreign audiences, to follow her around for a day. This entertaining video offers viewers a glimpse into what she likes to do for fun and gives us a peek into her office/living quarters.

Cho also took the crew yo Cinema Two in Tachikawa, Tokyo, her favorite place to find a little inspiration as well as catch a movie in thrilling 4K. It’s easy to see why she loves the place with its wide-open floor plan and ambient lighting that helps reduce eye strain. It definitely looks like a great theater to enjoy films such as Star Wars or Mad Max that rely heavily on sound as well as visuals to intensify the movie watching experience.

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Cho also invited the crew into her home/office and commented about the state of her work recently, including how other people viewe her art, saying,

“People say that my work looks ‘kimochi warui’ (disturbing/disgusting) sometimes and I’m usually happy when I hear those comments. I really focus on giving impact to my work, or to provide an uncomfortable feeling that makes people stop when they pass by my work. So when people say that my work is disgusting, it means that my work had that impact on them.”

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Whether you think the art is “disturbing” or really cool, we know for sure Cho has had an impact on the body painting scene. Be sure to follow Hikaru Cho on Twitter and Instagram and check out her website for more of her  unusual and spectacular work from Japan.

Source: YouTube/toco toco tv
Top Image: Instagram/hikaru_cho (edited by RocketNews24)
Screenshots: YouTube/toco toco tv