Love can be real, even if your partner isn’t.

“Love dolls” have gotten to the point where they’re so realistic that they’ve participated in wrestling matches, and even been used as completely platonic (and tear-jerking) daughter surrogates.

So what’s stopping someone from having a full-on relationship with a love doll? Nothing, apparently, as New York-based South Koran professional photographer June Korea has been showing off via some spectacular shots of himself spending time with his own love doll Eva.

▼ Hey, I thought June was the photographer, not Eva!

June says that he purchased and started photographing Eva after being inspired by an incredible sense of loneliness. The knowledge that himself and everyone he loves will one day die is what first made him interested in photographing dolls because of their immortal nature.

When he realized he could shape the “immortal nature” of a doll by giving it life through photography, he decided to try it with the most realistic doll he could find: a love doll.

▼ “So how did you two meet?”
“It happened completely by chance. I ordered her, and she came in a box.”

It’s hard to tell through June’s words whether he believes he and Eva have a relationship, claiming that there is a “constructed fantasy” that they build together. He says that he and Eva do everything that normal couple do together – eating, traveling, sleeping – and looking at the photos of the two of them, it’s hard to argue that they’re all that different from any other boyfriend and girlfriend out there.

▼ They hang out together at the park…

▼ …and share a bench and ignore the strange looks.

▼ Just like all couples, they have their ups and downs.
Sometimes Eva just gets overwhelmed by it all…

▼ …and sometimes June just needs to be alone for a while…

▼ …but in the end, they’re always there to support each other.

▼ Even when they’re peeking on each other changing. Tee hee!

June has really made the perfect use of his medium to capture his relationship with Eva. Since photographs only capture a single moment – without any movement or sound – we don’t see all the potentially fantasy-breaking parts between photographs that would give away the reality of the relationship. We only see one frozen instant that anyone can relate to very easily.

If you want to see the rest of June’s photos of Eva, and some of his other amazing photography, then check out his official website. Just be forewarned that while none of the pictures are explicit, there’s some that are definitely more intimate than you might be comfortable looking at with other people around. Just saying!

Source: JUNE KOREA via Ufunk.net, Fotographia Magazine
Featured/top image: Instagram/junekoreaphoto (1, 2, 3, 4) (Edited by RocketNews24)