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Cute snacks and fun decorations make the Xbox seem a lot more inviting.

The Xbox One has two big strikes against it in Japan compared to its competitors. First, it’s just not nearly as popular a console as the Wii U or Playstation 4. Second, it’s perceived as a console intended for males, lacking in the cute/cool factor that the Wii U and mobile games bring to the table.

So in an attempt to kill two birds with one stone, Xbox Japan recently held a very special party at Microsoft Japan Headquarters in Tokyo: a girls-only Xbox party!

▼ The online invitation to the party, welcoming female newbies
and pros alike. How could anyone say no to those fluffy Alpaca-kuns?

So what does a girls-only Xbox party look like? Here’s some tweets of photos from the event:

▼ Xbox… colored… little… cakes?
Why wasn’t I born a girl?

▼ A close up of those adorable little sugary Xbox signs.

▼ Oh my god… the little Alpaca-kun cookies say “I <3 Xbox!” on them.
My <3 is melting…

▼ I think the Xbox would be a lot more
popular in Japan if this was its official mascot.

▼ And there were plenty of other goodies set out too,
not all of them necessarily Xbox-themed.

▼ A Kinect station for people who had
never tried it out before to see what it’s like.

▼ An Xbox controller coloring contest where the winner got…

▼ …an Xbox controller!
(Uh, hopefully they already have the console?)

▼ And what Xbox party would be complete without
a Halo deathmatch constantly going on?

▼ A shot of the attendees.
I… I could probably sneak in there and not be noticed, right?

The response online seemed to be mostly positive, so take note, Sony and Nintendo! If you’re going to keep pace with the inevitable surge in women buying Xboxes, then you’re going to have to hold parties of your own with cute cakes and cookies.

And don’t forget about us guys too! I for one am more than willing to be easily – and happily – swayed by sweets.

Source: Hachima Kiko
Featured/top image: Twitter/@Xbox_JP