Could the long, twitching piece of fur belong to the body of a snake or some other cheeky animal?

Twitter user @hanamomoact, a Japanese photographer currently based in Al-Ain in the United Arab Emirates, has been enchanting people online with amazing photographs and tales of life in the desert, surrounded by a menagerie of unusual animals. After recently puzzling people with a feline-based optical illusion, she’s back again with another strange image for people to decipher, and this time the question is whether or not this is a snake in the desert.

Catsnake 2

It certainly does look like a snake, but how can a reptile be so furry? To find out what it really is, take a look at the clip below.

Of course! Behind every good prank is a nonchalant cat, looking down its nose on us for laughing and having a sense of humour.

▼ Cats in the sand are a common sight around the photographer’s house in the desert, where they often carve out shallow crevices with their bodies.

They enjoy sand baths so much that they’re happy to sit there soaking up the warmth. Which means their humans can have fun turning them into unusual mermaids.

▼ This Mer-cat is a long, long way from shore.

To see more of the Japanese photographer’s interesting cat-filled updates, be sure to follow her on Twitter. Who knows what they’ll find next in the desert!

Source: Togech
Top Image: Twitter/@hanamomoact