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Sure, anime and video games are nice, but this is the real reason why Japan is awesome.

As anyone who’s been to Japan before knows, using the toilets can be a real pleasure — at least sometimes. Public restrooms are clean, don’t clog, and (gasp!) have stalls with locks that work.

Even most Japanese homes toilets have a ton of different options like seat warmers, deodorizers, and fake flushing sounds to hide any unpleasant noises, all making you feel like a CEO when you’re taking care of business.

But the bathroom ingenuity doesn’t end there. There’s another important factor in a fully satisfying “number two” experience: an efficient toilet paper holder. And Japanese toilets have that down pat as well, as this short video originally created by Reddit user possumopossum shows:

Though the video first made the rounds last year, I still had the same reaction this year: “Oh. My. God. Just looking at that brings tears to my eyes.” I think I’ll wipe them away with some toilet paper attached to a highly efficient mechanism.

Speaking from personal experience in the U.S., changing toilet paper rolls is usually a herculean task, requiring the strength, skill, and patience of a god. And even then, if luck isn’t on your side, you’re done for.

And apparently I’m not the only one! In response to the first video, here’s a response from Reddit user Linkthedinosaur, showing off a typical American toilet paper roll change:

Yup. I can’t even count how many times I had to take the “squat of shame” myself to pick up a fallen rod or roll. Thankfully, in Japan, such barbaric practices have been done away with.

Of course, if you’re in Australia, you might find things flow slightly differently as well, as shown by another Reddit user who goes by the name space_monster.


And just in case you want to bring your own bathroom into the modern age, possumopossum also posted a link to Japanese toilet paper loaders on Amazon. So everyone, let’s make the squat of shame a thing of the past, and look forward to a much more pleasant pooping future!

Source: Reddit/possumopossum via YouTube/Old MacDonald had a Farm
Featured/top image: YouTube/Old MacDonald had a Farm, Reddit/space_monster