Have Marie Kondo help you organize your bathroom with her newest budget-friendly storage line

Spring cleaning? Let Marie Kondo’s bathroom storage items help!

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Onesie for gamers comes with ‘toilet mode’, has Japanese Twitter in stitches

The product claims to help users via “amazingly speedy butt release and butt cleanup“, which pretty much says it all.

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Let’s get into the holiday spirit with some low rated Christmas decorations from Amazon Japan

This product belongs in the toilet.

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Shinkansen driver disciplined for taking poop break while train was going 150 kilometers an hour

Usually, when you gotta go, you gotta go, but maybe you can’t when you’re supposed to be driving the bullet train.

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Never feel lonely in the tub again! We try Japan’s Bobbing Seal floating bath toy【Photos】

Our Japanese-language reporter purchased a forever friend to lighten up his cleanliness rituals.

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Man arrested for living above a public toilet in Oita for three years


Home is where the heart is.

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W.T.F. Japan: Top 5 strangest Japanese home goods【Weird Top Five】

There’s something in this person’s kitchen and I don’t know what it is.

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This may look like a bathroom crisis, but it’s actually an educational opportunity.

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Barely-legal bathroom signs confuse and amuse Japanese Twitter

“Why are the bathroom signs a pair of scissors and a fish?”

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Japan’s new custom-order cat-theme toilet paper lets you wipe your butt with cuteness

Today’s reason to poop in Japan.

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Reactions to video showing how awesome Japanese toilet paper holders are leave us laughing 【Vid】

Sure, anime and video games are nice, but this is the real reason why Japan is awesome.

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Golf course outhouse is definitely “out” there with a little help from nature

This is what happens when you don’t lay down a good foundation.

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Alarming tweet about hidden camera coat hooks in Japanese restrooms sparks anger online

Pay close attention to hooks in public restrooms—they may not be what they seem.

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Gentlemen, can you spot what’s wrong with this picture?

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28 realities of being a 30-year-old Japanese man who constantly pees himself

Oh the realities of getting older. One minute you’re feeling fine, the next you’re shopping for adult diapers. It’s a fact of life that transcends language, culture, and bladders all over the world.

Yoshio, one of our RocketNews24 Japanese-side writers, has recently joined the ranks of the incontinently impaired himself. To celebrate his newfound misery, he composed a 28-part list describing a typical day in his new, significantly wetter life.

Take a read and commiserate along with him, or see what you have to look forward to when parts of your own body start turning against you.

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Don’t miss these painfully cute photos of lawless cats invading your privacy【Photos】

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s a place where you can relax and just be yourself without any distractions from the outside world. So, it should be a place that feels secure and private. But, when you own a pet, you quickly come to understand that the privacy you seek completely disappears. Even the most isolated room in the house, the bathroom, isn’t safe from your furry compatriot.

This is especially the case if you are a cat owner. As much as cats are independent animals and do things as they wish, they become really needy when their owners disappear to answer the call of nature. Find out how cats pierce the veil of privacy when their owners go to the bathroom after the jump.

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Nation alerted to man asking where the nearest bathroom is

Whenever a suspicious person is reported to the police it gets up loaded to the Zenkoku no Anzen/Anshin Mail (National Safety/Security Mail) website accessible anywhere in Japan. However, every once in a while a “suspicious person” added seems suspiciously not suspicious.

Such is the case of a student who was approached by a middle-aged man and forced to go to the police after being asked “Where is a bathroom?”

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Japanese netizens share tips on how to be the ultimate bathroom creep

While men and women may not ever agree to how to use the toilet or what the length of an appropriate bathroom visit is, we can probably all agree that nothing is worse than someone is standing right outside the bathroom door waiting for your visit to the porcelain throne to end. Yet, somehow a group of Japanese netizens have found several ways to make that terribly awkward moment even worse.

These netizens recently held an impromptu “contest” to find out the creepiest thing a man could say to a woman after she came out of the bathroom. Click below to find out who managed to come up with the worst phrase and why the only “winner” of this contest was bad taste.

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Kids these days don’t want to poop!

It’s a fact of life: everyone poops. And yet society seems to have evolved some sense of embarrassment over letting people know that you’ve dropped a stinky load. We try to assuage these issues with things like private bathroom stalls and air fresheners in public restrooms. In fact, toilets in Japan will often have automatic noise makers to mask any embarrassing sounds that might slip past your posterior.

And yet still, a recent study shows that more than half of Japanese school children refuse to go number two until after they’ve returned to the perfect privacy of their own homes! They’ll hold it for hours rather than respond to nature’s call, their embarrassment about bodily functions eventually causing them to become chronically constipated.

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Eight Ways You Really, Really Shouldn’t Use a Japanese Toilet

If there’s one household commodity that Japan can truly be proud of, it’s their high-tech toilets, particularly the model known as a Washlet. These things are world-famous for their advanced butt-cleansing technologies and heated seats. Why, the simple press of a button has water spraying up out of the bowl like a fountain! To any long-standing member of Japanese society, the warm water jet is obviously intended to help rinse away the residue of a good dump, but what’s a foreign traveler to do when faced with one of these mythical thrones for the first time?

In hopes of preempting any future toilet travesties, we at RocketNews24 would like to introduce you to our demonstrative list of things one shouldn’t do with a Washlet. No, really. While some of these items may seem like clever ways to freshen up after taking care of business, the Washlet is not a one-stop body shop, and we urge you never to try these things at home… or anywhere else for that matter. Read More

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