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Go forth, mighty heroes/rail passengers! Seek adventure in the magical realm of Yokohama!

The Tokyu Toyoko train line has a lot going for it. It’s clean and punctual (even by Japan’s lofty standards), affordably priced, and connects Tokyo and Yokohama, two of Japan’s most interesting and exciting cities.

As if all that wasn’t enough, there’s now one more reason to take the Toyoko Line. Like at most Japanese rail stations, there’s a musical chime that plays before the doors shut and the train departs, and as of July 5, the Toyoko Line’s customary jingle has been replaced with the opening fanfare of the theme from hit video game series Dragon Quest.

▼ Skip to the 0:10 and 0:46 marks to hear the iconic role-playing tune.

The Toyoko Line starts at Shibuya Station, which is also where you’ll find the Hikarie entertainment complex, venue for this summer’s Dragon Quest Museum exhibit. To commemorate the event, and also to salute the 30th anniversary of the Dragon Quest franchise, the Toyoko Line is sending its southbound trains on their way with the game’s theme. If you want to get an earful of nostalgia, southbound trains depart from platforms 3, 4, and 5.  The rousing theme will fill any RPG fans with a sense of purpose as they begin their rail journey.

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The Dragon Quest theme will be played between now and September 12, so don’t wait too long to set out on your quest to hear it. And if you’re in need of a destination, remember that you can take the Toyoko Line two stops south to Naka Meguro, then transfer to the Hibiya subway line and take that up to Akihabara Station, which uses idol megagroup AKB48’s “Koi Suru Fortune Cookie” for its departure music.

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