Who would have thought you could make cleaning look so cool? Well, this Chinese waiter has done exactly that with his impressive polishing talents.

If there were a black belt for cleaning, this man would have attained one at least four years ago. The Chinese waiter and his mad skills are literally taking this hotplate table to the cleaners – and, like the speedy Japanese busboy we saw earlier this year, he’s not taking any prisoners. The man shot to internet fame after being featured in the YouTube video below, which shows him with a large white cloth polishing like there ain’t no tomorrow while mixing in some sweet martial arts rag throwing moves.

This master cleaner must be a well-known entity in this region of China, with customers in the near vicinity looking more reticent – as if the rag may come flying their way – than impressed. But I haven’t yet spotted tiny pieces of food shooting from the spinning rag at break neck speeds!

▼ With this guy around, no dirty tables are safe!

Even still, this man’s rate of velocity is to be commended – and I’m sure the customers queuing outside are grateful for being seated 15 seconds earlier.

Source: Whats, YouTube
Images: YouTube