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You might be too old to carry an ordinary stuffed animal around, but what about one that has a practical purpose?

In many ways, Japan’s bathrooms are like an amazing wonderland. Clean and high-tech, they may just be the best place on the planet to perform your bodily functions when away from your home base/toilet.

There is, however, one serious drawback to public bathrooms in Japan, which is that paper towels are extremely rare. If you’re lucky, there’ll be an air dryer, which works about as well as it does in other countries (i.e. with roughly the same effectiveness as asking kind spirits lingering in the vicinity for help), but it’s not at all unusual to finish doing your business in a spotless, modern bathroom, wash your hands with delicately scented antibacterial soap, and find yourself completely devoid of anything to dry your hands with.

Because of this, most people carry a hand towel with themselves when going out in Japan. But why use just any old rag when you can have one that looks like an adorable plush kitty?

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The newest item from Felissimo, Japan’s purveyor of nearly all things cat-themed, is the Kitty Stuffed Animal that Transforms into a Towel (Taoru ni Nacchau Nyangurumi in Japanese). Folded in half, the cloth looks like a tiny cat with its arms stretched out, waiting for you to give it a great big hug.

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After drying your hands, you can fold the cloth up into the head, preventing unwanted contact between the still-moist surface and anything else.

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Of course, with such a cute design, it’d be a shame to keep these cats stashed away in a bag or stuffed into a pocket. That’s why they also have a strap so you can button them to the outside of your bag, letting them get some fresh air when not in use.

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The Kitty Stuffed Animal that Transforms into a Towel is priced at 883 yen (US$7.40) with a new pattern being released every month, and can be ordered here directly from Felissimo.

Source: Felissimo
Images: Felissimo (edited by RocketNews24)