How well do you know your Pokémon? This clever photo guide shows you what your cute little Pokémon buddies really look like in real-life.

With everyone on the hunt for cute characters in the augmented reality world of Pokémon Go, the colourful stars from the gaming phenomenon are becoming more and more popular, picking up legions of adoring new fans and interested followers in the process. While some Pokémon are fantastical, fire-breathing beings, others have true connections to real-life animals, plants and objects, and Thai Facebook page We Share has put up a collection of interesting side-by-side photos to show just how stunning the likeness can be.

Caterpie, a bug-type Pokémon, has the same body and orange “horns” as this caterpillar.

Beedrill is inspired by the Japanese Giant Hornet, whose sting is said to feel like a hot nail driving through flesh.

Scyther looks like a Praying Mantis, only with blades for hands.

Shellos the water-type sea slug Pokémon appears blue in colour when it’s from the “East Sea”.

The fierce-looking Sandslash takes inspiration from the Pangolin, with both being able to curl up into solid, armored balls for defense.

Drowzee, the hypnosis Pokémon, has the same short trunk and triangular ears as the tapir. 

Luvdisc puckers up like the kissing gourami.

Poliwag has the same spiral belly as translucent tadpoles.

Mudkip is based on the amphibious axolotl.

Plants and flowers also appear in the game, like the Flycatcher Pokémon Victreebel, which is modelled on the pitcher plant.

And the aptly named Vileplume, which exists in real-life as the “corpse flower”, named for its strong and horrible odour of decaying flesh.

And last but not least, here’s a rare sighting of the Trash Bag Pokémon, Trubbish.

Which is your favorite “real-world Pokémon”? We’re quite partial to only the trash bags ourselves — they can’t run away when we try to catch them!

Source: DesignTaxi
Featured Image: Facebook/We Share