Ditto fans rejoice! Fan jewelry just for you.

Jewelry maker U-Treasure has been a fashion-loving otaku’s dream in recent years, releasing countless varieties of beautiful anime and game-based jewelry. With gorgeous engagement and wedding rings featuring fan-favorites like Kirby and Card Captor Sakura, and fabulous necklaces decorated with all of our favorite Pokémon, they offer stylish, understated ways to rep the things you love.

U-Treasure has added another Pokémon to the list of wearables: the transforming Ditto! The iconic purple blob, which can transform into any Pokémon it sees, is now featured on U-Treasure necklaces.

While the chain is 45 centimeters long (17 inches), the little Ditto figure is much smaller than it looks in pictures, at just 10.8 milimeters tall and 14.5 milimeters long (0.43 by 0.57 inches), making it a subtle, but stylish, full 3-D pendant. The design is pretty cute in that it looks like it’s hanging off the end of the necklace. It’s got a big smile on its face, too, so you know it’s having a good time.

Ditto comes in silver (13,200 yen/US$123.39), 18 karat pink, white, or yellow gold (all 60,500 yen each), and platinum (71,500 yen), so you can wear Ditto in whichever jewelry color you like best.

The silver necklace was available by reservation only up until June 23, but the other varieties are all available for sale on U-Treasure’s online shop or at the physical U-Treasure shop in Shinjuku. And while you’re shopping, make sure you check out their other fabulous Pokémon jewelry, like the Master Ball engagement ring. Your Pokémon-loving special someone–or you–will adore them!

Source: PR Times
Top image: U-Treasure
Insert images: PR Times, U-Treasure

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