The facial expressions of this quacky Pokémon have turned into a great Pokémon battle of wits and humor.

We just can’t stop talking about Pokémon GO, because the popularity of the game along with the nostalgia has created an insatiable need to catch ‘em all. One of the Pokémon that has always been given a bit of a hard time in the TV show has found a surpring new platform to explore his goofiness: Twitter.

After catching any Pokémon, you can check the stats of each one. This includes being able to change their name as well as get a reaction out of them when tapping the Pokémon. Psyduck has a very peculiar motion where it turns its head left and then right before jutting its arms into the air, seemingly proclaiming some sort of success. Well, that just seems like the perfect fodder for a caption contest and Twitter users didn’t disappoint.

“Not Slytherin.”
“Not  Slytherin.”

“I can’t get a girlfriend.”
“Medical students are popular with girls?”
“I passed the medical exam!”
“And of course I’m not popular.”

“I want to spend money on gashapon.”
“But I’m really short on cash this month.”
“Wait, I’m doing it!”
“Why did I do it?!?”

“Tomorrow I have to work.”
“As well as the day after tomorrow.”
“Let’s just live at the company!”

“The shampoo…”
“…isn’t lathering up.”
“Ah, it was conditioner.”

“I shouldn’t eat anything.”
“I really shouldn’t eat anything.”
“I’ll just start the diet from tomorrow!”

Psyduck is certainly bringing his silly A-game to Pokémon GO and Twitter. We only hope that one day, Psyduck can overcome his troubles and finally evolve into the strong and powerful Golduck that we know exists inside.

Source: Net Lab
Top image: Twitter/@_Yukkeee_