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The King of the Monsters is lurking under the skin of modern anime’s most iconic mecha.

While landmark anime Evangelion is often described as a mecha or giant robot series, it’s technically a little different from those genres. See, while the titular Evangelion Units have metallic coverings, on the inside, they’re actually gigantic bio-weapons, and their technological coverings serve both as protective armor and binding restraints.

So, in a way, the true nature of the Evangelions is more Godzilla than Gundam. As a matter of fact, a new figure in the growing Godzilla vs. Evangelion merchandising franchise shows just how well the two icons can blend together.

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Now on sale through the Premium Bandai online shop, the figure is officially named Evangelion Test Unit “G” Awakening Form. It even has a backstory, which claims that after suffering heavy damage in battle, the G cells within Eva Unit-01 began to react, eventually causing it to mutate into the half-Evangelion, half-Godzilla hybrid seen here.

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While it’s part of the Toho 30-Centimeter Series of figures, this mutated Eva goes above and beyond that parameter, standing an impressive 38 centimeters (15 inches) high and measuring 36 centimeters in length.

▼ Not pictured or included: Evangelion series protagonist/Unit-01 pilot Shinji, who was presumably stepped on or eaten by the rampaging creature.

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Domestic orders for the 32,400-yen (US$309) figure can be placed here through the Premium Bandai website, with shipping scheduled for next January.

Source, images: Premium Bandai

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