A new graphic shows that Godzilla has been on some serious nuclear-infused ‘roids the last 60 years.

As the city of Tokyo grows, Godzilla films have had to inflate the iconic creature to (even more) monstrous proportions. We’ve already covered how the original Godzilla would be absolutely dwarfed by modern Tokyo’s towering skyscrapers and multi-story apartment buildings, but how has everyone’s favorite city-destroying nuclear lizard thing evolved over the ages to match Tokyo’s changing landscape?

This handy mock up of Godzilla‘s changing size over the ages, created by Noger Chen, gives us a glimpse.

Checking out the image, we can see that the newest iteration of the monster in Japan’s recently released Godzilla Resurgence is the largest behemoth yet, clocking in at an apparent 118.5 meters tall and sporting Olympic bicyclist thighs the likes of which the Godzilla universe has never seen.

Standing at 108 meters, the second largest version of the creature comes from the American Walter White cameo vehicle, Godzilla, with producers possibly taking cues from the massive scale of the monster from Cloverfield while basically all of the rest of the world made jokes about the pudgy-looking CG monstrosity’s probable hamburger addiction.

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More interesting are the older iterations of the creature in this expanded and updated graphic from Chen; Japan’s 2001 Godzilla is actually a shade shorter than 1998’s (possibly non-canonical) American-made “‘Zilla,” while the original Godzilla and 1974’s iteration stand at the same 50-meter height, despite the 20 year difference. The rapid expansion of the Tokyo metropolis is clearly reflected in the changing size of the monster, as producers over the ages surely increased the beast’s stature so that it would always remain imposing against a Tokyo backdrop.

These are definitely cool and informative graphics, but we gotta ask: Where’s Minilla stand in all this?

Source: yomyomf.com
Feature Image: Twitter/@GMANonScified
Insert Image: Flickr/Noger Chen