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Oh. Oh, god, I was not expecting that!

Pokémon GO is a lot of fun and can inspire even evil organizations to do good. But we’ve seen before that it has a dark side to it as well, and the darkest part about Pokémon GO may be something we’ve overlooked: how the game spawns all those common Pidgeys, Rattatas, Zubats, and if you live near the desert, Ekans.

YouTuber Nixolas recently shared their version of how the game delivers all those common Pokémon to us, and it’s darker than Darkrai. Watch the short thirty-second video here:

Oh. Oh my. Those poor, poor Pokémon. And that splat followed by the slithering sound at the end…. Well, I don’t think I’ll ever be playing Pokémon GO the same way after watching that.

Here’s some responses from the Reddit community:

“I feel so weird after watching this.”
“That writhing mess at the end is a bit… creepy. Upvote for accuracy, though.”
“This is totally fake. Every one knows Pokemon do not spawn in rural areas.”
“The funniest part of this is how good it looks. For real nice job to whoever made this.”
“I love it when talented people are bored…”

Thanks again Nixolas for this horrifying vision into what goes on in the augmented Poké-reality! And if you somehow still want more disturbing Pokémon visions in your life, we recommend taking a look at Pikachu turned into the most disillusioning wedding cake ever.

Source: YouTube/Nixolas via Reddit
Featured/top image: YouTube/Nixolas