Pikachu returns the idolization favor by dressing up as Mimikyu!

The Pokémon games and anime are packed with cute creatures, but even by those incredibly lofty standards, we can all agree that Pikachu stands out. Heck, even other Pokémon species wish they could be as adorable as the franchise mascot, which is how we got Mimikyu, the Pocket Monster species that constantly wears a disguise to make it look Pikachu in hope of receiving as much love and admiration as the series’ star.

But it turns out the admiration runs both ways, because this year Pikachu is dressing up like Mimikyu for his Halloween costume!

Mobile game Pokémon GO kicked off its Halloween celebration on October 18, featuring a number of gameplay tweaks such as increased encounter rates for Dark and Ghost-type Pokémon and a new raid battle featuring ominous Mythical Pokémon Darkrai. Really, though, the best reason to fire up the game is that during the event you’ll be able to catch a special Halloween-version Pikachu sporting a Mimikyu costume.

▼ A Pokémon dressed like a Pokémon dressed like a Pokémon works out to three times the regular cuteness.

Pikachu isn’t the only one getting into the Halloween spirit, though. The original starter trio, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, have also sorted out their costumes, and can be found dressed as Shedinja, Cubone, and Yamask, though we’ve yet to catch them for ourselves yet.

Speaking of Yamask, another Halloween treat for players is the arrival of the game’s first Shiny Yamask, and a number of spooky Pokémon are also getting special Halloween colors, with the list including Gastly, Duskull, Sneasel, and Poochyena.

▼ Shiny Yamask

Pokémon GO’s Halloween event generously lasts all the way until November 2, giving you a little extra time to catch the special Pokémon species in case you happen to be moving a little more slowly than usual while nursing a candy hangover. Oh, and if it’s been a while since your last Pokémon GO session, and you could use a refresher, we’ve got a slew of inside information from developer Niantic right here.

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