It not only looks cool, it’ll help you catch slippery Pokémon too!

Because of its multitude of handy functions, odds are you spend very little time actually using your smartphone as a telephone. It’s nothing more than linguistic tradition that keeps us calling them “phones,” since in reality they’re closer to simplified computers with an occasionally utilized voice chat option.

Of course, if we’re renaming things based on what they’re primarily used for, we may as well start calling smartphones Pokédexes, since with the launch of Pokémon GO many people are most likely to whip out their “phone” to catch and catalogue Pocket Monsters. In keeping with this technological evolution, U.S.-based 3-D printing shop 3D Central has created the perfect smartphone case: one that looks just like the first-generation Pokédex from the Pokémon anime.

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It’s not just a clever idea, but one that’s artfully realized. The design of the first-generation Pokédex is clearly inspired by Nintendo’s Game Boy, the system the Pokémon video game series started out on. The Game Boy’s vertical layout means the same styling cues can easily be applied to a smartphone case.

But 3D Central’s Pokédex case doesn’t just look cool. It’s functional too, since it includes a flip-out finger guide to keep your aim straight and true when you’re chucking Poké Balls at nearby Pokémon. You’re not getting away this time Abra!

3D Central says it plans to start selling the cases by the end of this week, with the first batch including models fitting with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy Note 5, and Galaxy S7 smartphones. Pricing is yet to be announced, but more details are forthcoming through the group’s online shop.

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Source: IT Media

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