And it turns out he’s not the only suave sports car-driving hamster out there!

Hamsters in Japan have stolen our hearts on a number of occasions, with their miniature ninja houses, tiny futons and homely, well-stocked bars. Now there’s a new hamster after our hearts, and he’s doing it in style with the help of an expensive piece of machinery: a Nissan GT-R sports car.

Since the pet’s owner, Twitter user @coolcars_kirei, posted pictures of the cool-looking hamster online, they’ve received more than 22,000 likes and over 18,000 retweets.

UPDATE: It turns out the hamster in the tweet actually belongs to Seth Villafan, who is based out of Washington State. (The hamster’s name is Abroham Squeakin, which, come on, how perfect is that?) We’d like to apologize to Seth and Abroham for this mistake and include links to their Facebook pages. You can find Seth’s here and Abroham’s here, where there are more photos of this adorable hamster living large!

Thanks to Seth and everyone who wrote in to let us know about the mistake. Again, we sincerely regret it and want to express our apologies to Seth and Abroham.

(Out of concern that other tweets may be violating copyrights, we have removed them as well.)

Fellow users are loving the cute photos, leaving adoring comments like:

“This is so cute it’s giving me a nosebleed!”
“It’s Fast and Furious 8.”
“Such a rich hamster! It reminds me of the movie Stuart Little.”
“What a snug and perfect fit!”
“I hope it’s not going to ruin the upholstery in there!”

Who knew hamsters had such expensive tastes? Given their fondness for snug spaces, though, this might not be the last time we get to see them behind the wheel of a sports car. But only if their humans can afford to spoil them!

Source: Togech
Top Image: Twitter/@coolcars_kirei