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This futon, although technically meant for an iPhone (because Japan), is now home to a little hamster who seems to have found his new favorite spot. This has got to be the cutest case of theft we’ve ever seen!

We saw these adorable (albeit kind of unnecessary) smartphone futons two months ago and the internet gave a collective “awww!”


Now it seems the pet hamster of Twitter user maimai has warmed up to the mini futon, claiming it as its own.

▼ “iPhone: But…but…that’s my futon…
Hamster: *snores*

Mr. iPhone is standing over the snuggled up hamster, hoping for his spot back. But there’s no chance; the little critter is sound asleep, snug as a bug in a rug…but we guess the saying should now be “happy as a hamster in a tiny futon.”

Source: Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter (gnt006)