Exeggutor turns into a tall palm tree for the new Pokémon Sun and Moon games and fans have wasted no time in making fun of him with a slew of hilarious memes!

As soon as the Official Pokémon Channel uploaded a video revealing new creatures from their upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon games, one of the characters immediately drew attention. Towering over all the other new Pokémon in the series is the Alola version of Exeggutor, who now appears as a long-necked palm tree.

▼ The formerly stubby character can be seen in his new elongated form in the official release clip below.

While familiar characters like Vulpix, Ninetails, Sandshrew and Sandslash are given cool-looking upgrades for the games, Exeggutor has no such luck. Instead, his cute form is heightened, quite literally, to the amusement of fans, who are seeing it as a chance to get creative by playing with the character and putting him in a variety of hilarious scenarios. With Exeggutor known as “Nassy” in Japan, it wasn’t long before the hashtag #ナッシークソコラグランプリ (#NassyKusoKoraGuranPuri), or “Nassy Crappy Collage Grand Prix”, became a trending topic on Twitter. Let’s take a look at some of the best memes from Japan below.

This image shows what Exeggutor’s Alola version might look like if it appeared in Pokémon Go.

This one uses the well-known before-after formula of side-by-side photos seen on ads for fitness training chain Rizap. Now weighing in at 415.6 kilograms (916 pounds), Exeggutor hasn’t actually slimmed down…but he’s gained several feet of height in the process!

New stats reveal his height to be 10.9 metres (35.8 feet), but that hasn’t stopped fans from exaggerating his neck to extraordinary proportions!

https://twitter.com/repair_7/status/760471944852410368 https://twitter.com/tt1415525/status/760126442009014272

Others are likening his shape to an oversized piece of weaponry.

https://twitter.com/Luchino_Zerola/status/760114634116304898 https://twitter.com/enuok/status/760114001946697728

And others have placed him into scenes with some well-known characters.


Even popular schoolteacher character Ellen Baker, from the Japanese New Horizon line of English-language learning textbooks has been spotted with Exeggutor, presumably using him as a blackboard pointer.

With new images appearing every hour, fans aren’t letting go of this trend just yet! To join in all the fun, you can check out the images on Twitter and add your creations to the growing collection with the hashtag #ナッシークソコラグランプリ.


Source: Naver Matome
Top Image: Twitter/@kiyoki_ippyou