Sounds like this electronics shop’s products work a little too well.

One of the awesome things about Japanese electronics stores is the huge amount of floor models. Looking for a new PC mouse, smartphone, or rice cooker? You’ll find dozens on display, all out of the package so that you can see how they look and feel before making your purchasing decisions.

Of course, the absolute best products to try out are the massage chairs, which would be comfortable enough to sit back in even if they weren’t also massaging your neck, back, and legs. When you find a chair and massage setting that fits your body just right, the sensation is so soothing that you might feel yourself dozing off right there in the store.

That’s what actually happened to Japanese Twitter user @_Asphodelus__, but in his case that blissful scenario had an unexpected twist:

Nobody woke him up before they closed the store!

After plopping himself down in a massage chair and closing his eyes, @_Asphodelus__ opened them to find a much darker version of the view of the stoves he’d been looking at before drifting off. “Oh man, I’m locked in!” he tweeted, along with snapshots of the gates that had come down at the store’s entrance.

Thankfully, @_Asphodelus__ was able to contact the police, who then got in touch with the store’s manager to free the trapped shopper. A brief investigation determined that @_Asphodelus__ hadn’t hidden away on purpose or pilfered anything from the store, and he and the manager exchanged apologies, with the Twitter user expressing regret at sleeping in the store, and the manager doing the same for he and his staff not noticing there was still someone sitting in the display area before locking up.

So while it might take a tremendous amount of willpower to pull yourself away from an automated massage, if you’re starting to feel sleepy, it might be time to pull yourself up out of the store’s chair, head home, and crawl into your bed instead.

Source: Jin, Twitter/@_Asphodelus__

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