Who knew you could find so much in such an isolated location?

Deep in the mountains of Fukuoka’s Nakagawa area (like, seriously deep in the mountains), there is a fascinating attraction called the Fushigi Hakubutsukan, or “Museum of Mysteries.” RocketNews24 couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit a place like this, so some of our Japanese writers went to check it out.

The museum was created in 2008 by Takamasa Sumi, a sculptor, and is intended to showcase his wacky and fascinating works.

▼ Nine minutes by Shinkansen from Hakata Station and a car ride later, you arrive at this ominous looking building.


▼ The (fake) bus stop in front shows a brief explanation of the building, as well as its cute mascot, Fushigiko-chan.


▼ Some of the works on display include Fushigiko-chan, an Alice in Wonderland style rabbit, and several stout cats.


▼ Then there are beasts like this, a creature from Sega Saturn’s awesomely bad game, Death Crimson.


▼ Talk about nostalgia…


Oh, there is an actual cafe. Right now, their menu includes chicken sausage and a parfait. You can also get some Garigarikun pear ice cream with any drink for 850 yen.

▼ We ordered a parfait!


▼ Here’s a shot of our RocketNews24 team with Mr. Sumi himself. Thank you for your time!


For now, the museum is only open on Sundays and holidays, and that may be cut down to just holidays starting in 2017. If you want to pay a visit, plan carefully! You can find the latest information on their Twitter account @artrek1998 (Japanese only).

So, whether you’re looking for an off the beaten path location to visit in Japan or you’re into funky sculptures, the Museum of Mysteries is definitely a stop to consider.

There’s also a branch of the Museum of Mysteries called “The Sanatorium” located in Tenji, the heart of Fukuoka City!

Museum Information
Museum of Mysteries
Address: 福岡県筑紫郡那珂川町西畑1466−2
Fukuoka-ken, Chikushi-gun, Nakagawa-cho, Nishihata 1466-2
Hours: 12:00-18:00 on Sundays and holidays only (closed January 2nd, 2017)

References: Museum of Mysteries, The Sanatorium
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