Or, at the very least, they would make a fantastic urban fantasy young adult novel series.

One of our favorite parts of fandom comes when people re-imagine series in creative and interesting ways. With Pokémon GO being all the rage, it seemed like the perfect time for artist Dane Cozens to re-visit his more realistic version of Pokémon which he started drawing back when he was 10 years old.

In his fictional suburban sci-fi world, children go on a quest for Pokémon as a rite of passage. His three posters depict children using a Pokédex to find and scan the fully-evolved form of three of our favorite evolved Pokémon.

We love how dangerous and imposing these evolutions are, as we expect the final forms of our Pokémon to be super badasses. We also love the subtle hint that maybe some Pokémon are too dangerous to attempt to catch and train and that simply scanning them is enough to prove your bravery. If anyone is writing that piece of fan fiction right now, please let us know!

Source: DesignTAXI
Top image: Facebook/Dane Cozens