Both adults and children can celebrate their love of Pokémon through nail polish with this line!

Pokémon and beauty don’t sound like they would go well together, but you’d be surprised. The sheer amount of variation in Pokémon characters means there’s endless inspiration and creativity to be had, especially when it comes to color and design. Take, for example, sustainable beauty brand uka’s new line of Pokémon-inspired nail polish colors: the uka Pokémon Study Series.

The colors are based on six different Pokémon, taking inspiration from their colors, personalities, and types. They make up one of uka’s “study series” lines, which focus on researching colors that bring out the beauty of all skin. Featuring three colors for adults and three for children, there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy in this new set of nail polish.

The three adult polishes are a vegan formula, made of over 60 percent plant-based substances. They’re quick drying but also moisturizing since they also contain a serum. The first color is a milky, creamy beige with yellow tones based on Meowth.

The second is a coffee beige with a mature feel to it, based on the color of Eevee.

And the last one is a light, smokey blue inspired by Piplup, which uka says is a perfect match for any skin color.

The children’s colors are a water-based formula that can be removed by soaking the hands in hot water, making it easy and safe for parents and children to enjoy nail art together. They, too, contain a serum for moisturizing the nails. The colors are inspired by three different Pokémon: a fresh and bright yellow based on the color of Pikachu’s fur…

A peppy, hot pink color inspired by Jigglypuff

And an energetic, summery orange that emulates the spunk of Scorbunny.

All six nail polishes, regardless of type, will sell for 2,750 yen (US$21.95) each at uka stores around the country starting on May 13. You can also buy all six as a special set called the “uka Pokémon study six stars collection”, which will be available only for preorder online between May 6 and May 11 for 18,260 yen.

Both the individual bottles and the set will be available in very limited quantities, so make sure you act fast when they come out! Wear them with your favorite Pokémon jewelry, Pokémon makeup, and Pokémon T-shirts to really show off how much you love Pokémon.

Source, images: PR Times
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