sailor moon perfume bottles

Better move the compacts, communicators, and charms aside to make some room for yet another Sailor Moon item nobody needs, but we all want!

The hallmark of a true Sailor Moon fan is the inability to resist a rather high-pitched squeal every time we happen upon something new and sparkly and in our favorite Sailor Scout’s motif (Mars, thank you very much). The latest item is no different.

Gashapon is releasing a set of “Prism Moon Perfume Bottles” featuring the iconic colors and designs associated with each Sailor Scout’s “Star Power Stick”, as well as Sailor Moon’s “Moon Stick”, Sailor Chibi Moon’s “Pink Moon Stick”, and Princess Serenity. The plastic bottles measure approximately 54 millimeters in height (about 2.13 inches) and are filled with scented perfume balls. They will be available for sale in gachapon machines this December and will be a perfect addition to your collection of Sailor Moon goodies, like Premium Bandai’s Sailor Moon Romance Communicator Lip Gloss!

What Sailor Moon item would you like to get your hands on? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: Nijimen, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project Official Site
Featured ImagePretty Guardian Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project Official Site