Kanna Hashimoto

Main cast for Spirited Away live-action stage play finally revealed!

Characters like No Face, Yubaba and Haku are set to be played by some very famous faces.

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Kanna Hashimoto wins Guinness World Record for getting tissues really fast

Hashimoto becomes the undisputed, certified Queen of Tissues.

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Spirited Away to be adapted to live-action stage play by English director John Caird

Hayao Miyazaki gives blessing after meeting with Caird to project that’s been in development for four years.

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Cup Noodle celebrates selling over 100 billion units with special “Japanese slang” packaging

Test your knowledge of Japanese slang from the ’70s onwards with these limited-edition cup noodles!

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Now you can own the eyes of “once in a millennium” idol Kanna Hashimoto

Taking idol worship to a whole other level.  

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Japanese idol’s manager fires back at impatient fans who keep pestering her to stream live video

Kanna Hashimoto is called the “once in a millennium” idol, but her manager is one in a million too.

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Idol draws such massive crowds at Tokyo college that police can’t guarantee safety【Video】

When once-in-a-millennium idol Kanna Hashimoto is stopping by, crowd control in a must.

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Japanese schoolgirl feeds sweets to fans via 4-D VR headsets 【Video】

The special headset delivers a Japanese sweet into your mouth in real-time as this “once-in-a-millenium beauty” feeds it to you.

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Two Japanese idol singers announced as candidates for international 100 Most Beautiful Faces list

Former members of AKB48 and Rev. from DVL saluted.

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Kanna Hashimoto to star alongside Shun Oguri in Gintama live-action movie

If you haven’t heard, Gintama is getting a live-action movie adaptation in 2017!

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“Once-in-a-millenium beauty” dominates Tokyo Halloween event

The last couple of years have been benchmark ones for Halloween in Japan. What was once a holiday marked mostly by the infrequent sighting of a handful of mildly embarrassed-looking, costumed foreigners on the Yamanote Line train has grown into a massive industry.

In fact, Halloween has become just as much a holiday about 20 and 30-somethings dressing up as sexy nurses, sexy zombies, sexy superheroes, and other sexy-choose-a-nouns as its American counterpart. But while those costumes were no doubt getting plenty of attention on Shibuya Crossing last night, the Japanese Internet had already decided the undisputed Queen of Halloween was this far more conservatively dressed “once-in-millenium beauty”.

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Kanna Hashimoto reminds everyone why she’s the “once in a millennium” idol with new ads 【Videos】

Nearly two years ago, a single photograph of a young wannabe idol appeared online. It ignited a fire amongst idol otaku so large that it reached the mainstream press in Japan in the same day. The pictured girl, one Kanna Hashimoto, was soon after crowned “beyond angelic” and dubbed a “once in a millennium” idol for her natural looks and youthful energy.

Since then, there have been many challengers to Kanna’s title, like the “once in 4,000 years idol” whatserface, and the “once in 2000 years” idol…um you know, the one with the hair. They’re probably all nice girls and I wish them well in their careers, but seriously they had no place stepping up to Hashimoto’s star quality.

Having already appeared in commercials for SoftBank and Cup Noodle, Kanna is now hawking Lip Baby brand coloring lip balms. Although not as big a brand as the others, these commercials have woken up Japanese netizens and reminded them who the real once in a millennium idol is.

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Meet Hikari Takiguchi, the “once-in-2000-years” twin-tailed idol 【Photos】

Remember Twintail Association Japan, the pro-cute organisation dedicated to all things adorable and pigtail-related? Last year they launched the idol group drop, a four-piece girl group who add “pigtail-wearing” to the usual idol skill-set trinity of singing, dancing, and smiling for the camera.

And one group member in particular has been attracting attention online for her doe-eyed smile and pigtail-wearing skills. Hikari Takiguchi has even been called a “once-in-2000-years idol”! (We’re going to assume that sounds a bit snappier in Japanese than it does in English).

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Kanna Hashimoto does “stupid-cool” tricks for commercial, took over 600 takes to get right 【Video】

Have you ever done something stupid then been surprised when it actually worked? Like tossing a screwed-up ball of paper over your shoulder and actually getting it into the trash can, or throwing your hat in the air and catching it perfectly on your head? Well there’s a word for that in Japanese: bakakkoii, a contraction of baka (stupid) and kakkoii (cool).

And it didn’t take long for someone to take bakakkoii to the next level. Kanna Hashimoto, member of the idol group Rev. From DVL, stars in a cup noodle commercial where she helps perform a bunch of bakakkoii tricks. Some of them are quite impressive, which they should be considering it took over 600 takes to actually get them done correctly.

Watch the video and feel oddly satisfied after the jump!

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“How many freakin’ CDs do I have to buy?” Fans displeased with idol group’s debut single

On 16 April, idol group, Rev. from DVL, released their first major single through entertainment giant Yoshimoto Kogyo, thanks largely to the break-out success of member Kanna Hashimoto.

However, what was intended to be a celebration of the Fukuoka-based unit’s new-found fame ended up generating sad and bitter complaints from idol fans. At the center of the controversy was the inclusion of tickets to a “high-five party” bundled in with their single LOVE-arigatou-.

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Kanna Hashimoto’s rise to fame continues with major commercial appearance

About a half a year ago, the charming face of a local idol from Fukuoka was plastered all over the internet. Kanna Hashimoto’s genuine charm and cuteness had won over the country literally overnight. Shortly afterwards, we were able to meet the up and coming star and buy a pair of glasses. There we found Hashimoto’s charm wasn’t just a fluke of the original photo that shot her into the spotlight.

Now we’re happy to see that her rise to fame hasn’t slowed down one bit with a recent appearance in the hugely popular SoftBank commercial series featuring the Shirato family. Not only that, she has also thrown the ceremonial first pitch at Opening Day of the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks 2014 season.

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We buy a pair of glasses from up and coming idol Kanna Hashimoto

Recently, computer glasses have become quite popular and are sold in shops everywhere in Japan. I never really bought into the concept even though my work requires painfully long hours in front of a computer screen. However, a couple of days ago we announced that up-and-coming idol Kanna Hashimoto would be appearing at two ALOOK glasses stores in Tokyo and Osaka.

After wrapping up that article I wiped the usual blood from my tired eyes and thought maybe it’s time to try out a pair. And what better way to do it than by meeting this future star while I’m at it!

We headed down to the grand opening of ALOOK in Shinsaibashi, Osaka to meet the starlet and see what all the fuss is about.

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“Once-in-a-thousand-year” idol Kanna Hashimoto visiting ALOOK Tokyo and Osaka on the same day

A month ago, Japanese people all over the country woke up to this photo of Fukuoka-based idol Kanna Hashimoto of the group Rev. From DVL all over the internet. And just like that, her modest level of local fame on stage has been skyrocketing. Some are calling her an idol that you’d find once in a thousand years.

We’re not sure who came up with that title or how it was calculated, but certainly no idol has caught the nation’s attention without any gimmicks or PR stunts like Hashimoto has from simply a photograph.

Thanks to this new-found fame Kanna Hashimoto will be making appearances all over Japan. In fact, tomorrow those living in Tokyo or Osaka will have a chance to buy some glasses from her at the grand opening of ALOOK stores in each city.

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