I am a paper-tape music box that plays “Winter Journey’s Tale” in steady plinks so you can revisit that snowy vista.

Throwback Japanese role-playing game, I am Setsuna (Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna in Japanese), was released earlier this year to an English-speaking audience with great anticipation. While it wasn’t the perfect game that lived up to everyone’s expectations (does anything ever?) fans of the genre were generally quite happy with the moving visuals, heartbreaking story, familiar combat system and beautiful soundtrack.


Created by Tokyo RPG Factory, a new studio started by famed RPG makers Square Enix, I am Setsuna brought gamers back to a time when pixel art was the norm, combat was turn-based and music and story took center stage. The soundtrack for the game was unique because rather than using a full orchestra, there is only one instrument that can be heard, the humble piano. Composed by Tomoki Hiyoshi, whose other works include Soul Calibur V and Steins;Gate, the score is an emotional trip touching on the game’s themes of sadness and sacrifice.

Fans of the game now have a unique opportunity to listen to one of the game’s main themes in a special paper-tape music box produced in conjunction with Tokyo Otaku Mode as part of their TOM Projects platform.


This gorgeous hand-cranked music box uses paper sheet music to produce the notes from “Winter Journey’s Tale”. Each music box will come with five music postcards, a hole punch and the original sheet music for the theme. All of this, including an instruction manual in English, will be packaged in a Super Famicom-style game box.




▼ Take a look at the music box in action!

Created by Paper Tunes, the five music postcards can actually be punched with different notes so you can create your own personal musical scores.



Pre-order sales of this paper-tape music box began on August 29, 2016 and will go until 7:59 a.m. (PDT) on October 7. Fans can order one of 100 limited-edition music boxes with its corresponding serial number etched into it, or the normal edition from the Tokyo Otaku Mode website for US$95 with international shipping included. If I am Setsuna was the JRPG you have been waiting years for, you won’t have to wait much longer to crank out the theme as quickly or as slowly as your heartstrings allow.

Source & images: Tokyo Otaku Mode