Pokémon anime will release its original soundtrack on CD for the first time in 10 years

The new Pokémon series may have the same original Japanese name, but it’s scored by a brand new composer.

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Ghibli theme song for My Neighbour Totoro gets an electronic makeover in Japan

New version of the classic melody is making news with Ghibli fans around the country.

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Experience I am Setsuna’s moving theme as a beautiful paper-tape music box

I am a paper-tape music box that plays “Winter Journey’s Tale” in steady plinks so you can revisit that snowy vista.

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Lovely lullabies based on Secret of Mana by Metal Gear Solid composer will give you sweet dreams

Forget hiding in boxes — it’s time for a nap!

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This is probably the best acoustic Super Mario Bros. cover ever 【Video】

The Super Mario Bros. theme, also known as the “ground theme,” “overworld theme,” or perhaps just “da-da-da-dada-da-da!” is arguably the most well-known piece of video game music in the world. First recorded for the NES game in 1985 by Nintendo’s in-house musician Koji Kondo, the track was designed to fit the action and pacing of the platformer, and added a light, whimsical accompaniment to gameplay that might otherwise have felt entirely different without it.

Thousands of people have attempted to tweak and cover this iconic track over the years, tackling it with a variety of instruments. More often than not, the result is the same – a great track is a great track regardless of the person playing it, after all – but occasionally someone with real talent comes along and blow us all away with a rendition that we almost wish Nintendo would include in their next Mario adventure.

Russian guitarist Igor Presnyakov’s cover of the overworld theme is one such rendition.

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