Latest chip ranking reveals a preference for simple flavors.

Although Japanese people are not as fanatic about potato chips as those from other countries, most can appreciate the act of reaching into a bag for a satisfying, salty crunch.

A ton of delicious chip flavors are out there in Japan, but a recent Internet survey of 2,910 respondents has revealed an inclination towards certain types. Starting from least preferred to most, here are the top ten potato chips as voted by Japanese netizens.

10. Calbee Kataage Pepper-Flavored Potato Chips (71 votes)

Calbee’s line of Kataage chips features extremely crunchy pieces that are fried to perfection. The flavor might not be all that exciting, but one can never go wrong with aromatic black pepper and potatoes.

9. Koikeya Phantom Danshaku Imakane Hokkaido Salt (84 votes)

Made from danshaku potatoes sourced from the small Hokkaido town of Imakane, its brilliant gold packaging is hard to miss.

8. Calbee Consommé Double Punch (96 votes)

Consommé-flavored chips are Japan’s equivalent of barbecued-flavored crisps, producing a slightly more savory profile. Popular as they are, this version packs twice the flavor for those who prefer a kick to go with that crunch.

7. Calbee Seaweed Salt (129 votes)

Seaweed and potato chips go so well together, we’re amazed it hasn’t spread to other parts of the world yet.

6. Calbee Pizza Potato (146 votes)

Two of the most delicious foods on Earth combined into a single package? Yes, please.

5. Calbee Kataage Lightly Salted (154 votes)

A clear favorite among those who prefer simple crispiness over heavy flavors.

4. Calbee Consommé Punch (186 votes)

A good example of less being more in the eyes of Japanese chip lovers, as twice as more people voted for this over the Double Punch version.

3. Koikeya Nagasaki Flat Pot Salted (262 votes)

Salted and carefully cooked the traditional way using a Japanese cooking utensil called a flat pot, its unassuming flavor has earned it third place in the hearts of many Japanese people.

2. Calbee Lightly Salted (327 votes)

Crispy and light, you could eat two whole bags of this and still go for more.

1. Koikeya Seaweed Salt (369 votes)

The combination of unmatched potato quality and well-established seaweed salt flavor effortlessly propelled this product to the top of the list.

It is interesting to see that despite Japan frequently coming up with crazy chip flavors like fermented soybeans or even red bean ice cream, the majority of Japanese people tend to gravitate towards mild flavors instead of complicated ones, letting the potatoes themselves become the true stars of the show.

Source: Goo Ranking via My Game News Flash
Top image: Flickr (1, 2)