You’ll literally be able to hear hello from the other side.

One of the most difficult things every person will have to deal with at some point is the death of a loved one. Though little can truly provide enough solace in such a tough time, one company in Japan has created an app that aims to ease the pain.

Spot Message was developed by Yoshiyuki Katori, the president of a tombstone company. Yoshiyuki suffered greatly after the sudden death of his uncle, and as he worked through his grief, he wished he could hear his uncle’s comforting voice just once more. This desire, in combination with his goal of helping preserve the memories of loved ones who have passed, was the genesis of Spot Message.

The concept of Spot Message has been compared to Pokémon Go insofar as Spot Message is also as an augmented reality app. Users of the app can view pre-recorded messages at specific locations that have been uploaded by the videos’ creators’ to Spot Message’s cloud server. The app’s utility isn’t limited to messages from beyond the grave, though. President Yoshiyuki has suggested that the app could be used by one’s husband or wife to pre-record a surprise video at the location where they proposed their spouse, for their spouse to view on their wedding anniversary.

Spot Message is currently available on Android and will be available for iPhone at the end of September. The first ten video messages are free; after that, paying members can share up to 30 messages with up to 200 people.

Would you use Spot Message to leave your loved ones a video? What are some other creative ways to use the app?  Share your ideas with us in the comments section below!

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Photo: Spot Message