Premium Bandai set to release this nifty Star Wars-themed desk organizing stand.

If your desk looks anything like mine (pictured here), it’s a mess of randomly scattered detritus, loose coins, a couple of Futurama figurines and literal miles of haphazardly coiled charging cables. Wouldn’t it be great if you could organize most of it in a way that still proudly shows off your nerd cred?


Well, Premium Bandai, the toy maker’s more mature line of luxury geek goods, may just have the perfect solution with the AT-AT Multi Stand – a workspace storage container that comes in the form of a 1/72 scale AT-AT Walker of Star Wars fame. The model is packed with hidden spaces to neatly organize anything that might otherwise be cluttering your desk, including a coin slot, pen holder, and multiple drawers for stuff like paperclips and rolls of tape.

Sure, the last time you had to use a paperclip might have been a decade ago, but perhaps the coolest feature of the AT-AT Multi Stand is its included Snow Speeder, equipped with a cable hook so Star Wars fans can use it to wind their charging cables around the legs of the AT-AT to recreate one of the film series’ most iconic scenes.

▼ Uh, we’re pretty sure you know the one we’re talking about…


The AT-AT is even fully poseable, with multiple joints around the legs and neck of the walker, so it can be posed proudly standing, or posed as a smoldering wreck that no doubt symbolizes your hopes and dreams crushed by the soul-sucking monotony of your workplace. Also, there’s a hanko name seal holder concealed in the AT-AT’s chest engine thingy, which is pretty cool, but will probably go unused by non-Japanese consumers.




 The AT-AT Multi Stand will go on sale in December for 9,720 yen (US$95) and Japan residents can order theirs at Premium Bandai’s website.

Source and images: Bandai