Sure, you could do this without wearing a virtual reality headset, but would you want to?

The Tokyo Game Show is going on right now, and once again virtual reality is on display in a major way, with VR applications being showcased by developers large, small, and pervy.

Japanese Twitter user @yunayuna64 was in attendance on TGS’ opening day and stopped by the booth for E-mote, an animation production program used to create 3-D models with the look of 2-D illustrations. This being Japan, someone quickly saw the porn potential at this nexus of anime-style artwork and cutting-edge technology, and so visitors to the E-mote booth can strap on a headset and fondle a pair of VR boobs…and a pair with a physical form too.

▼ It’s like groping four boobs at once!

However, there’s something kind of strange about what’s going on here. Okay, actually there are several things that are strange, but let’s focus on one in particular. The set-up uses a physical mock-up outfitted with the costume of the VR character and even a wig recreating her hairstyle. In other words, while half of the simulation is high-tech computer wizardry, the other is copping a feel on a gussied-up mannequin.

In its defense, the system does address the lack of physical feedback that often hampers the immersiveness of virtual reality, and if you are in the mood to tactually sample a mannequin’s bounty, a featureless face is probably kind of a turn-off. That said, the blank stare seen in the eyes of the E-mote character, as shown on the system’s monitor in the background, don’t look so terribly expressive, but maybe just the fact that she has eyes at all makes all the difference.

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Source: Jin, Twitter/@yunayuna64