”And would you like duck liver on your burger today?”

Japanese hamburger chain Freshness Burger has a reputation as a pretty classy place, so much so that some would argue it’s more a café that simply lacks table service and offers take-out, as opposed to something so base as a fast food restaurant. In keeping with that comparatively upscale image, Freshness Burger is about to release a foie gras burger.

Priced at 1,000 yen (US$9.70), you could call it either a premium hamburger or a budget-priced foie gras entree. The patty is the standard quarter-pound (113-gram) slab of meat used in ordinary Freshness Burger sandwiches, but it’s spruced up with a thick, 50-gram (1.8-ounce) cut of Hungarian foie gras (Hungary is the second-largest foie gras producer in the world, with some producers using a force-feeding method similar to the one required by law in France and some using a starvation method). The Foie Gras Burger also features Japanese-grown lettuce, mashed potato with the aroma of truffles, and a Madeira-style wine sauce.

If you’re less hungry, or simply not in the mood for fowl liver, Freshness Burger is also rolling out a new selection of soups, including pumpkin potage, borscht, and lobster bisque, which are priced at 350 yen each.


All of these new items go on sale October 5, but while the warming soups will be sticking around until the start of spring, the Foie Gras Burger’s availability is limited to 30,000 sandwiches across all Freshness Burger locations.

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Source: IT Media
Images: Freshness Burger (edited by RocketNews24)