Culinary breakthrough, or recipe for disaster?

There’s no forgetting that Mos Burger serves burgers, what with it being right there in the Japanese fast food chain’s name. As a matter of fact, Mos Burger’s hamburgers are so good that sometimes it slips our mind that they also make really good fried chicken.

We got a very unique reminder this fall, though, with Mos burger’s crazy-looking fried chicken-shaped sleeping bag. Now they’re jogging our memory again, though, and for two menu items at once, with the recommendation that Mos Burger fried chicken tastes especially great if you dip it not into ketchup, honey mustard, or some other savory sauce, but instead dunk it straight into a Mos Burger milk shake, like in the photo below.

This isn’t something thought up by junior high kids trying to show off how quirky and unbound by society’s unwritten rules they are, either. No, the assertation that Mos chicken and vanilla Mos shakes “actually go together better than anything else” comes straight from Mos Burger itself, which shared the concept of the unusual chicken condiment/shake topping through its official Twitter account.

What with Mos Burger regularly coming out at or near the top of fast food popularity polls in Japan, with fans citing the high quality and delicious flavor of its food, it’s hard to dismiss the suggestion out of hand. After all, Mos chicken and Mos shakes both taste great on their own, and is this really all that different from sipping on a milk shake between bites of a hamburger, something that fast food diners have been doing for generations?

But on the other hand, trying to directly combine juicy meat and milky sweets could be a recipe for disaster, so more than a few Japanese Twitter commenters are skeptical, as reflected in starkly differing reactions like:

“Dunk it…into the shake?!?”
“I prefer my chicken and milk shakes separate.”
“So is it the shake-seasoned chicken that’s supposed to be so good, or the shake with the chicken grease added to it?”
“I see a lot of people who aren’t onboard with this, but I think the combination of salty and sweet, crisp and creamy, and hot and cold could make fore a surprisingly delicious result.”
“Now I want them to sell a fried chicken and shake combo.”

Really, it seems like this could go either way. Here at SoraNews24, though, we’re not afraid of trying some unusual food pairings, and we can’t wait to put Mos Burger’s idea to a taste test.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@mos_burger
Top image ©SoraNews24
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