Here at RocketNews, we’ve loved and lost time and time again. There have been black burgers, berry burgers, potato chip burgers and tomato bun burgers, and despite our treasured moments with them, they all eventually rode off into the sunset, leaving us with just a glimmer of hope that we might someday cross paths with them again.

Now one of our past loves is making its way into our hearts again: the Becker’s Deer Burger. Limited to just 15,000 sales from October 1, this is one re-encounter we’re looking forward to!

The Shinshu Jibie (game) Venison Burger will be on sale in a set for 720 yen (US$6.00) until November 30 or until stocks run out. Made with venison sourced from Shinshu, otherwise known as Nagano Prefecture, the burger also features some chunky abalone mushrooms, which are known for tasting just like the the pricey shellfish they’re named for.


Each burger is made to order and comes with a juicy 100-gram (3.5 ounce) venison patty, topped off with whole-grain mustard and a red wine venison sauce. To add to the uniqueness of the product, the buns are actually made with sake yeast and baked fresh at the restaurant. Now that’s a love affair worth waiting for!

Source: Becker’s
Top Image: Becker’s

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