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Ever had that terrible indecision between pizza and hamburger? Japan’s got your problem solved! It’s not quite as out-there as the bizarre creations we’ve become used to – in fact, maybe this time they’ve actually got things right.

The third item in Freshness Burger’s collaboration with Japanese theater troupe GEKIDAN EXILE is an ‘American-style pizza-burger’, which will go on sale March 20 at a cost of 680 yen (around US$6.70).

And what exactly makes a pizza-burger? Well, it’s got a classic meat patty plus fried egg, veg, and cheese heaped on top of a traditional focaccia pizza base. And covering all that is a topping of bacon bits, fried onion, cheese sprinkles and a drizzle of demi-glace sauce. What’s not to love?

The collaboration is to advertise GEKIDAN EXILE’s latest play, Uta Hime, and this particular combo was dreamed up by one of the performers, MATSU (Toshio Matsumoto). He wanted ‘something that everyone can eat with excitement’. That’s a bit of a vague product description to work with. I kind of imagine him sitting there thinking ‘well I love eating burgers… and also pizzas… how about I throw them together?!’ and then feeling incredibly pleased with himself, but I’m sure a lot more soul searching than that went into it. Right…?

As we mentioned, it’s the third collaboration item. It follows the first collab which had the truly epically-named ‘The Best Burger’ and the ‘Blue Impact Burger’, and the fancy ‘Chicken Cordon Bleu Burger’ of collab number two.

Oh, and you’ll also receive a special sticker with your order, and if you send it in on a postcard you could be one of 300 lucky winners to receive a bandana signed by the cast of Uta Hime.

Let us know if you get your teeth into a pizza-burger come March 20, and if it turns out to be as delish as it looks.

▼ Here’s the poster for GEKIDAN’s Uta Hime.


▼ And a repeat of the pizza-burger pic, just in case we hadn’t made you hungry enough already.


Source: Entabe
Images: Freshness Burger