The range features characters like Eeevee, Ditto, Mew, and Snorlax.

From stationery to jewellery and even McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, there’s no end in sight to the huge amount of Pokémon merchandise available in Japan. Now an affordable Harajuku-based clothing line has joined up with Nintendo to release their own official range of cute tops and skirts, and Japanese trainers everywhere are sitting up and taking notice of the new designs.

Spinns, whose motto is “Attitude Makes Style!”, is the clothing company behind the new Pokémon collection, with six tops and two skirts available at stores from 30 September.


▼ The skirts are tight-fitting and come in plain black or red-and-white, both with a bold monster ball design.


▼ The loose-fitting sweat tops are available in a range of colours, featuring cute images of Pikachu, Snorlax, Eevee, Mew, Ditto or Gengar.


The skirts and tops are priced at 3,599 yen (US$35.80) each and can be found at Spinns stores around Japan. Alternatively, the range can be purchased from the official online store, where you can also pick up a whole heap of other cute outfits that will have you blending in with the hip fashionistas around Harajuku.

Source, Images: PR Times