On a budget? Stuck for a Halloween outfit? How about turning yourself into a “2.5D” hero and scaring the life out of everyone you encounter with this series of free printable masks?

Join us after the jump to find out how you can become a beautiful, yet kind of creepy, manga character without spending a penny.

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This year’s Halloween costume is as easy as visiting the 2.5D Mask download page, choosing the mask you’re most fond of and then printing the flat design out. The masks can be printed on pretty much any home printer and, so long as you use paper thicker than 0.20mm, can be easily trimmed and folded along the lines to create the correct shape. Attach a sturdy elastic band to each side to hook over your ears and you’re all done!

  • Choose your favourite

There are currently four faces available to download: Cheerful, Lolita, Grace and Timidity. Since they’re so compact and lightweight, though, there’s no reason why you couldn’t just grab the lot and switch your face at various points during the evening in accordance with your mood and/or after each time you accidentally try to drink something while wearing one and make a mess of yourself

▼ Any guesses which one’s “Grace”?


  • Then get busy looking freaky!

The only thing is, when strapped to a person’s face, these masks are actually quite unsettling, pulling us right into the uncanny valley thanks to their unusual combination of real-world lines and folds yet ultimately two-dimensional design.

Admittedly, in the right setting, the masks are actually kind of cute…



…but in others, they have a distinctly “horror movie” quality to them and we certainly wouldn’t want to spot someone wearing one of these outside our home on a moonlit night.



  • Voices from Twitter

Nevertheless, net users in Japan mostly seem to be quite taken with the 2.5D Masks:

“Anyone can be cute!”
“This is awesome!”
“So cute.”
“I want to make these and take a ton of photos.”

Be sure to head over to 2.5D Mask to see more cute/creepy photos and grab your own. We look forward to seeing your 2.5D faces on the streets of Tokyo on October 31!

Source: 2.5D Mask2.5次元マスク公式ツイッター